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Friday, November 12, 2010

More thank-you's!

The generosity of family and friends has been wonderful and encouraging! Below I recognize some of the lovely souls in my life :) More will be forthcoming ...

Hina - I first met her in graduate school at UMD - we've had many fun times together and now she is married in Atlanta and has a cute young son.

Chitra Auntie and Dinesh Uncle - my K4L's parents! Such nice folks who are always welcoming and make me feel part of the family. 

Nick - a.k.a Nickalicious :) - a colleague and friend - foodie adventures and APIAU trainings galore - always a good time when Nick is around.

Bobby - a former student of mine and now keeping the alumni together in full force. He's excited to have his photo on our famous blog :)

Gokul (Parthav) - my cousin on my mum's side and also a new MD resident. He is such a smarty pants too!

Arush and Rupali - K4L's bro and SIL - a lovely couple - who like the rest of the family have welcomed me and by default I've been given the power of "sisterny" ;) They have two beautiful young daughters.

Navdeep and Mallika - K4L's cousin and SIL - another cute and fairly newly-married couple :) Navdeep is so well-traveled and Mallika is an amazing and creative artist!

Sujay - I have known Suj since my college days and the infamous 601 memories :) A dear soul whom I'm so glad I can call a friend. (pictured here with his wife Poonam)

Special Friend - where do I start with my SF? We hit it off with each other at UMD and haven't looked back since. She is the yin to my K4L's yang  - a hottie, amazing mother and wife, comic, gourmet chef and much more - I seriously don't know what I would ever do without her in my life. I love her and her whole family <3 <3

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