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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Generosity = reaching our goal :)

Thanks to the generosity of donors we have reached the personal goal of $5k we set for our trip prior to our deadline. This is very encouraging!

We are still accepting donations however through December 8th, so please consider Odanadi as you give thanks and look for a way to contribute to a worthy cause.

Friday, November 19, 2010

India-based human-trafficking syndicate busted

A very recent story!

India-based human-trafficking syndicate busted -, Philippine News for Filipinos

The generosity continues :)

I am running out of ways to say thank you to all of the generous supporters of our volunteer trip. I feel so blessed to be able to work with survivors of human trafficking in Mysore this December, and everyone's encouragement motivates me to keep going.

As of this post we have $885 more to raise to reach our $5k goal by December 8th, 2010! I'm hopeful we may even exceed the goal!!

Not pictured below but also to thank heartily are: my mum's work colleagues (anonymous), my mum's supervisor Edward Stewart, and Dr. Bhojraj - my parent's doctor.

A former student and now friend - she is a founder of the Thai American Alliance, a dancing diva and a soft-spoken and beautiful young woman :)

A fierce young woman and former student who I had the privilege of working with at UPenn. Now a lawyer in CA - I'm excited to see where life takes this gorgeous lady!

Julie and James (and Ellie)
Julie is my former boss, but more importantly dear friend and colleague. James is an England soccer fan, was Irish in a former life and Ellie is their cuuute daughter. They are due to have another girl in the next few weeks!

I am blessed as a number of former students have been supportive of this endeavor. The notion of paying it forward rings true all around. Karen always makes me smile and she is a wonderful soul .. just don't smile and look at her otherwise she'll think you're laughing at her ;)

I met Will this past summer at the OCA Convention in Dallas. He volunteered at Odanadi in August 2010 and I continue to be inspired by his passion and belief in the cause!

Brandt is a college friend of mine. There's no really easy way to describe him, except to say he's an acquired taste, and lines automatically erase themselves so he can step over them :)  

Another lovely young woman who does things with heart. She also rallied friends and family to the cause and gifted me a box of daily supplies for the children at Odanadi to use. Sending her positive wishes as she looks for a job post-graduation :)
Pravina and Suresh
My dad's sister and her husband. I grew up with them in the UK and now we are practically neighbors here in the US. My aunt gets a glow on her face whenever anyone mistakes me to be her daughter ;)

My darling aunt (mum's sister). I'm SO inspired by her; a survivor of breast cancer and now recently diagnosed and battling another form of cancer - she kept pushing to want to donate without once thinking about how she felt. Please send your prayers her way - we all need her positive soul and smile in this world <3

Umesh and Amita
My second parents (dad's brother and his wife) are always supportive of any endeavor that I take on. I can't imagine a time in the US when they haven't been around; combine that with their three children - my cousins and it's always a fun time!

Friday, November 12, 2010

More thank-you's!

The generosity of family and friends has been wonderful and encouraging! Below I recognize some of the lovely souls in my life :) More will be forthcoming ...

Hina - I first met her in graduate school at UMD - we've had many fun times together and now she is married in Atlanta and has a cute young son.

Chitra Auntie and Dinesh Uncle - my K4L's parents! Such nice folks who are always welcoming and make me feel part of the family. 

Nick - a.k.a Nickalicious :) - a colleague and friend - foodie adventures and APIAU trainings galore - always a good time when Nick is around.

Bobby - a former student of mine and now keeping the alumni together in full force. He's excited to have his photo on our famous blog :)

Gokul (Parthav) - my cousin on my mum's side and also a new MD resident. He is such a smarty pants too!

Arush and Rupali - K4L's bro and SIL - a lovely couple - who like the rest of the family have welcomed me and by default I've been given the power of "sisterny" ;) They have two beautiful young daughters.

Navdeep and Mallika - K4L's cousin and SIL - another cute and fairly newly-married couple :) Navdeep is so well-traveled and Mallika is an amazing and creative artist!

Sujay - I have known Suj since my college days and the infamous 601 memories :) A dear soul whom I'm so glad I can call a friend. (pictured here with his wife Poonam)

Special Friend - where do I start with my SF? We hit it off with each other at UMD and haven't looked back since. She is the yin to my K4L's yang  - a hottie, amazing mother and wife, comic, gourmet chef and much more - I seriously don't know what I would ever do without her in my life. I love her and her whole family <3 <3

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Odanadi US web-site launches & NY Event!

Dear supporters,

We are pleased to share that the Odanadi US web-site is now live! Please take some time to visit and learn more about the work of Odanadi, the November 11th NY panel event and other important information. We are sure you will learn a lot.

Stay tuned for more thank-you's and wish Pareesha well as she leaves for India on November 10th to visit family and then on to Odanadi :) I leave for India on December 10th and will meet Pareesha in Mysore!