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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thank you to the first round of donors

Dharma would like to thank the following individuals for their generous contributions to Odanadi. All of you are special people and I'm grateful to have you in my life!

I have known Hsuan since my early undergraduate days at College Park. He's a funny, supportive and dedicated fellow APA Terp. The photo here captures his essence wonderfully :)

A fearless and fun colleague at the MICA Office at UMD. Ask him to do his eagle/bird impersonation for you in Impulse! Trust me .. just ask!

Amy is a former student of mine from a few years ago. A beautiful and strong young woman with a passion for justice. Soon moving to Japan to start a new chapter in life with her new hubby :)

My sister and K4L for life. Not many words can do justice to the relationship we share. Plus, I get to share my surrogate hubby with her! I love her with all my heart period <3

A recent graduate of UMD, Lawrence was a passionate student leader on campus. He oversaw the Yuri Kochiyama High School Leadership Program with passion and inspired younger leaders to grow and chart their own journeys.

A lovely and dedicated colleague, Mei-Yen enjoys working with students and the local community to foster positive social change through meaningful dialogues and engagement.

Dharmesh (Bhai)
Last, but not least my baby brother! Well he's almost 30, but still - he'll always be Baby D. Not a man of many words, but always supporting his Ben (sister) silently when we're not being typical siblings and getting on each others nerves :) Did I mention he's cute and single ladies?!

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