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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Update & clarification on donations

Dear supporters,

We wanted to note that we received several kind donations before our chip in button with the goal tracker was installed on our blog. Thus, when you are looking at it please add $270 to that amount to reflect the correct total to date.

We will be recognizing donors individually on our blog shortly so please stay tuned for that :)

A number of you have inquired as to the tax-exempt nature of these donations. Odanadi US is in it's beginning stages, but the organizers are working diligently to set-up it's formal structure and make sure all paperwork is in order. The process can take anywhere from three-six months, but it is the organizers' goal to be listed as a tax-exempt organization that can provide funding to an organization outside of the US by late spring 2011 (updates will be provided as and when available).

Your donation, however, should you choose to give will go directly to Odanadi US and India to support the cause.

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